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The Planet needs each of us in roder to rescue it.

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Our documentary Plasticsphere

A documentary we produced and that we are taking to schools, colleges, and universities in Latin America.

The documentary follows a group of Latin American environmentalists and scientists on a risky expedition through the second-largest coral reef in the world. Their goal is to investigate and document the alarming contamination of plastics and microplastics that severely affects marine life, tourism, and fishing resources in the region, as well as human health. Venturing into the depths of the ocean, they discover the magnitude of the problem and how it has transcended into social and political spheres. The documentary highlights the struggle to raise awareness about this environmental issue and how research and activism can make a difference in conserving the environment.

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Our goal for 2024 is to reach over 40,000 students in public schools, high schools, and universities.

"We must wake up and get out of our bubble.  Nature, animals and our future generations urgently need us to rescue the planet.

It´s too late to be pessimistic.

Eminent action and hope is the only thing left for us.


Sergio Izquierdo
Rescue The Planet Director

"Facing so many wrong messages in the world, even badly intended by industries, thar only anesthetized our conscience, makes the path to our planet destruction continue in the same direction.

That´s why we must bring the message of truth to many, to achieve tangible changes."

Rocío Ruiz
Rescue The Planet Co-founder

The solutions are in our hands.

We just have to spread it with the truth.

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Donate Once

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Lets Rescue Our Planet

Lets Rescue Our Planet

Albert Einstein said, the same actions lead to the same results. We must change the course of many things, spreading the threats and actions to take to as many people as possible.